Capture enlisted our help to develop a product strategy and design a mobile counterpart for their enterprise software that provides top media companies instant access to social media and live coverage of events. Together, we created a powerful tool that allows these companies to directly hire photographers for exclusive live video.

Brand Identity

Current's brand is inspired by the industrial designer Dieter Rams, who reasons that an end product should be rid of frivolous ornaments. The aesthetic is light, sophisticated, and mechanical. Forms are composed of soft gradients, lines, and curves–neither offensive nor lackluster. The color palette gives a sophisticated and bright impression, composed of orange-gray tones juxtaposing an electric blue. We chose a typographic pairing that allows for fast legibility and is modern and highly functional.

User Experience

Our challenge was to create an easy-to-use, intuitive product that worked seamlessly across iOS and Android. To achieve this, we established goals, key features, and user needs. These informed user flows, which led to a robust series of wireframes.

Visual Design

After laying the groundwork for Current, we transformed the product's brand into a style guide and applied a cohesive visual design across all screens. The goal was to craft an "invisible user interface," one that is pragmatic, logical, and can blend seamlessly into the user experience.

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