Glide, the startup behind CMRA, started out with a simple question of “what if capturing a moment were as easy as blinking your eye?” By leveraging our technical expertise in hardware and software image processing, we provided concept validation through a series of technical prototypes. Through this process we demonstrated the product features and feasibility that ultimately paved the way to make CMRA, the only camera built for Apple Watch, a reality.


Our main challenges involved working with limited documentation, inaccessible technologies such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and developing for a whole new class of wearable accessory.


By architecting a new communication solution for the device, we were able to overcome the technical limitations of the platform and deliver a functional prototype that aided in concept validation. This research became the basis for CMRA’s continued product design and development.

"Finally my dreams have been answered. I've been wanting this since day one... are you in love yet?"

— Brian Tong, CNET

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