Plated, a premium meal-kit delivery service, enlisted us to lead the design and development effort to create an Android version of its existing iOS app. Throughout the process, we applied our trusted method to streamline the iOS to Android production workflow. The result is a new mobile platform experience that expanded Plated’s reach to Android users across the nation.

Design Considerations

Our goal was to craft a new-but-familiar experience for the Plated Android app by leveraging the existing Plated iOS navigational structure. Translating between the two platforms, we studied the many elements that make each experience unique. With all of these design considerations taken into account, we ensured the Plated digital experience felt native and intuitive in its new environment.


Plated leverages its digital products to provide convenience to its customers. Subscribers can choose from eleven original recipes each week all within the app. Under flexible subscription plans, subscribers can also easily swap recipes, skip weeks, and cancel at anytime.

"Plated Kicks Off 2017 With Debut Of Android App And Expanded Meal Options"


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