DUMBO First Neighborhood in NYC with its own App

DUMBO Brooklyn residents, workers, and tourists will now have a mobile app that can be used to explore the neighborhood.

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK – Feb 14th, 2013
Nestled between the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges, the neighborhood of DUMBO in Brooklyn is home to some of the best and brightest creative agencies, startups, and artists in the world. Not to mention the fantastic restaurants, boutiques, retail shops and an amazing waterfront. Now a new iPhone app will help turn the neighborhood inside out by showcasing the businesses, events, projects and people that make up the amazing DUMBO community. Created by TENDIGI, a mobile design and development agency headquartered in DUMBO, the app will let users explore the neighborhood in a new and exciting way.

The DUMBO app includes a searchable directory of local businesses and offers directions, business hours, and popular tips. For users and tourists visiting DUMBO for the first time, the app also offers the ability to follow guided tours.
On any given day there are more than a handful of events occurring in DUMBO. Whether it is a tech meetup, a new gallery opening, the launch of a new website, or a hackathon, you can now keep up to date on all the events happening in DUMBO via the neighborhood’s new app.

The ability to make this information available via a mobile app allows users to be connected to the community no matter where they are. It creates a tangible way for people to understand what is happening in DUMBO and the significant impact this community is making in the NYC tech scene.

The Brooklyn Tech Triangle initiative, under a partnership of the Brooklyn Navy Yard, the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership and the DUMBO Improvement District conducted a research study titled “Economic Impacts of the Tech and Creative Sectors”, which reports that as of April 2012 there are currently 523 firms within the Brooklyn Tech Triangle, this number is expected to jump to 639 by the year 2015. The number of DUMBO based employees is also expected to rise from 9,628 to 17,960 within the next two years. As DUMBO continues to attract creative and tech talent from around the world, the DUMBO app aims to highlight the amazing businesses and creative work coming from within DUMBO in a way no one has before.

TENDIGI, a recent graduate of the NYU-Poly DUMBO tech incubator, plans to continue to evolve the platform they’ve built which currently supports the DUMBO app with the hopes to apply it to other tech and creative hubs in NYC.

The DUMBO app was designed and developed completely in-house by TENDIGI and the company not only aims to expand the platform’s functionality but it hopes to form strategic partnerships to help take the platform to the next level. The app
currently leverages Foursquare and Meetup.com data to provide content for its users and a roadmap has been created for intergrating additional content sources in the future.

Download the DUMBO app today

TENDIGI is a mobile design and development agency based out of Brooklyn, NY. that works closely with businesses and agencies on a wide variety of mobile development projects ranging from consumer facing apps and mobile games to internal enterprise apps. TENDIGI is also the organizer and sponsor of the Brooklyn iOS Developer Meetup which currently has over 1000+ iOS developers and community members. TENDIGI strives to build the absolute best mobile experiences that engage, inspire, and redefine the way we interact with our mobile devices.

App Specs:
• Price: Free
• Platform: iPhone/iOS 6.0

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